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Terms and Conditions
Mississippi Mud PotteryOven and Microwave Guidelines
While our pottery is oven safe, extreme sudden temperature changes or uneven heating can cause stoneware pottery to crack. Please use these precautions to ensure your pottery will have longevity of service.


  • First bring your pottery to room temperature before heating or microwaving. Food should be evenly distributed, touching all interior surfaces of the piece.
  • Place prepared dishes into a room temperature oven and then turn oven to desired temperature allowing the dish to heat evenly with the oven. (This is especially important with large platters.)
  • Never use pottery on a stove top or an open flame
  • Always allow pottery to cool to room temperature prior to adding liquid.
  • Do not set a hot dish directly on a cold surface or counter top. 

Please make sure food is evenly distributed touching all sides of the dish.

We stand behind our craftsmanship. Following our guidelines, we will replace your pottery if it cracks within the first few uses. With proper care, your pottery should provide you with a lifetime of service. We hope you will enjoy our pots as much as we do!
Shipping pottery can be a tricky thing. Because each piece is unique, shipping charges vary greatly and are subject to package size, weight, and destination. 

A $5.00 Handling and packaging fee will be added to the shipping rate. This is to cover our materials and labor used to package your item(s).

If any damage occurs during shipping please keep the box and all of its contents and contact us right away. These items may be required for insurance claims through the USPS and UPS. After insurance is claimed you can discard the items. In the meantime we will begin remaking your order.

Refunds and Exchanges
We offer exchange only on all of our pieces. Refunds will only be given in the event that a custom order becomes a second during the firing process. It is preferred that a receipt accompanies the exchange, but if not available we can still take care of the exchange. Please try to make your exchange in a reasonable amount of time or within the year listed on the bottom of the piece. We understand many of our customers live out of town. All items purchased from our “sales and seconds room” are sales final. No exchanges are allowed on our closeout pieces.


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