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You should be aware that the glazing on each piece of pottery is unique. Although our patterns have good consistency overall, differences can occur. Differences are most likely to occur with pots not made in the same time period, and with our brush designs like flowers and shamrocks. This may include different shades or hues of our glaze colors. With art, there is some compromise. We appreciate the handmade look of our pots…and hope you will too.

Available seasonally are “leaf” themed pottery pieces. We make leaf wall pieces, bowls and trays. We use real leaves grown in our garden to make our leaf impressions in the clay. This makes each piece especially unique and beautiful.


Artsy Fartsy

Blue Landscape with Pink

Blue Swirl

Blue Wango

Bluejeans and Ivy

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Clear Poppy

Coral Reef

Cranberry Cobbler

Dirt and Grass





Green Spongeware

Green Swirl

Green Wango

Kingsware Swirl



Mixed Berry






Summer Storm

White Poppy



”Fish Renditions” are our signature fine art pieces. With the high degree of detail in each piece these are made in very limited quantity. Due to high demand we are not accepting orders on fish. Please call ahead, availability in our shop is only by chance. Art fairs listed on our website are the best opportunity to see a selection and make fish purchases.

Pieces are created from actual fish caught and collected by the artisans. A casting is made of the original fish to create a press mold. Clay is pressed into the mold by hand to begin with a likeness of the fish (the artisans fingerprints and tool marks can be seen on the back of the finished fish). The pieces are then carefully rendered and carved by hand to add and retain detail in the process. Pieces are bisque fired, then glazed and fired a second time. Great care has been taken also in the glazing process to get color and detail. Care is simple and the pieces are archival (direct sunlight or moisture will not affect the color or integrity of the piece). The pieces are easy to hang. A copper loop or picture wire has been added to the fish after the firing for easy installation.

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