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Mississippi Mud PotteryFAQs

Is your “Mudd” (Clay) really from the Mississippi River?
Our shop is in view of the Mississippi River. W draw our inspiration and name from the river.  The river influences our colors, patterns and shapes. We source our clay from our local supplier in St. Louis. This allows us better quality and consistency of our wares. We also get to spend more time doing what we do best….making pottery. 

Is your shop/studio open to the public?
Yes, we are open 6 days a week except holidays and special occasions. Anyone is welcome to come in and watch us create our pottery, and browse our shop.

Do you offer pottery classes?
At this time we lack available space and extra time to offer classes. We recommend checking out our local Jacoby Art Center. http://www.jacobyartscenter.org/

Can I paint pottery, or make a piece of pottery?
We do not offer these services.

Can you really bake and microwave in your pieces?
Yes, all our pottery is dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe. You can refer to our terms and conditions page for care and use instructions.

My lotion pump no longer works, do you have replacements available?
Yes, If any of the components like lotion pumps, corks, pourers, honey sticks, hummingbird sipper tubes, etc. break or become lost please contact us for a replacement.

Do you Ship?
Yes, Per request we are happy to wrap your items to ship while you wait, or ship them for you. We have a $5.00 packaging and handling fee to prepare your item(s), and shipping is at cost. If you have a large amount of items to ship additional wrapping charges may apply. We most frequently ship USPS Standard Post unless you have a preferred shipping method.
Can I pick something up instead of shipping it?
Yes, if you live nearby or if you are going to be in the area we are happy to allow pick-ups to save on that pesky shipping. You are also welcome to make arrangements with family or friends to pick up your item(s).



310 E Broadway Alton, IL 62002 Phone: (618) 462-7573